We need new mics and to get them we decided to make some limited edition stickers, but to do it in a purely RSVP way- analog as heck. Want to help fund our digital tools with analog fun?

We (Lenore) worked with Nick of Hound Dog Press in Louisville to letterpress print these stickers. These are created on an antique press with vintage-inspired blocks. Every part of this process has been analog, except for the co-host chats about the stickers- which was 100% digital. We went with a few colors and asked the print shop to allow the colors to mix and blend with one another, creating sweet sweet fades of one shade into the next.

The sticker stock is thick paper and perfect for slapping onto your pocket notebooks, journals, or anything that isn’t going to get wet.

And, boy, are these things pretty. The debossing from the printing process is gorgeous. The paper is tactile and those ink colors *shivers*

There are 4 designs: bee, pointing finger, flourished pen and ink, and some RSVP pride; each printed with a variety of colors. Each sticker measures roughly 2×2 inches with rounded corners.

Each pack contains one of each design in randomly selected colors. I’ll (Less) blindly reach into the box of stickers, grab an envelope (that Lenore packed), address it and mail it to you.

Cost for 4 stickers? $2 S+H included. Additional sets are $1.50. If you want more than 10 sets please contact us.

Number of Sets

Don’t like or want stickers but want to support the show? Donate here: