Episode 7: It’s No Blackwing or Casemates

Episode 7: It's No Blackwing or Casemates

Tonight we’re talking about the areas where analog tools and technology intersect

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5 thoughts on “Episode 7: It’s No Blackwing or Casemates”

  1. Hey, sound levels are way better this week. Good job, no seizures while listening if my email pinged (plus the dog didn’t run away thinking it was fireworks…) Thanks!

    1. We’re a work in progress and learning as we go! Thanks for continuing to listen, we’re getting better with age…. Like a fine cheese, or wine…

  2. You mentioned a podcast that discussed typewriters and word processors. What is the podcast? I use an old, completely manual (non-electronic) typewriter to transpose from written word to a second-draft. then transpose again into the computer. I find these steps really help me flush out themes and bring the whole story/paper together as one unit.

    1. I’m pretty sure it was WriteGear. But I also listen to the Writer Files and several authors have mentioned using old typewriters and word processors.

  3. Just got around to listening to this. My analog and digital lives don’t overlap very much, so just about everything you mentioned was quite new to me – I will especially have to check out the Stay Focused type apps, because I too am easily distracted.

    Thank you for the shout-out! That was a pleasant surprise. I am on the Facebook group, but I’m a lurker and enjoy reading the conversations.

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