Episode 17: Cucumbers or Raspberries

Episode 17: Cucumbers or Raspberries

This week we’re exploring the crazy, backward world of gendered stationery. And while it seems impossible now, we never even mentioned the Patriarchy!




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Man Who Has It All: @manwhohasitall

The source of the beloved term “crotch giblets”

Why is marketing so gendered?

…and how did it get that way?


5 thoughts on “Episode 17: Cucumbers or Raspberries”

  1. I just found this podcast and listened with great pleasure! How wonderful to listen to y’ll -three brilliant women-discuss my hobby and deftly dis gendered stationery, Kickstarter issues, customer service fails , products you love and don’t. Thank you!

  2. Did you fix the audio after first uploading? When I was listening in Overcast the voice levels were so different it was almost unlistenable. I downloaded the mp3 to my laptop and now I hear them fine. Did you process the audio and replace it?

    1. We did! Overcast really seems to emphasize the audio issue. But we uploaded a new file with better audio.

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