Episode 23: We Got a Bit…..Derailed.

Episode 23: We Got a Bit…..Derailed.

Tonight we’re talking about Time Management and the tools we use and habits we have to keep us on track.








Show Notes:

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4 thoughts on “Episode 23: We Got a Bit…..Derailed.”

  1. Hi there,

    It looks like you have changed the RSS feed’s URL – people who subscribe to your podcast via an app, won’t get the latest episode. Just sayin’ :^)

      1. Hmmm… that’s strange – I’ve been using the podcast feed – http://rsvpstationerypodcast.comfortableshoesstudio.com/feed/podcast – since day one. I got the email about the new episode but didn’t see anything in my podcast app. I’ve changed the feed to – http://rsvpstationerypodcast.comfortableshoesstudio.com/feed/ – and got everything, including the new episode. Now, I’ve changed the feed URL to the old one and the latest episode *magically* appeared ;^)

        Using the former feed URL, I get the HTML code in the Description – essentially, it doesn’t seem to be getting parsed/rendered correctly. I’m using AntennaPod on Android if you have the time or inclination to check :^)


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