41: Why We Blog

41: Why We Blog

Tonight we’re talking about blogging– specifically stationery blogging. Why do we do what we do? Why does it matter? How do we keep going?

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2 thoughts on “41: Why We Blog”

  1. Dear RSVP – I like that RSVP can have a bit more of an edge when discussing topics compared to other similar podcasts, but what’s up with the unspoken name calling of David Allen? If Less or her wife has an issue with the content of the author’s ideas, by all means discuss. But, if you’re going to skip a legitimate discussion and go right to the tacit name calling then it’s probably best left out of the podcast entirely.


    1. Hey Todd, I think we left it out of the podcast because I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the FB group and in previous eps discussing the book. Generally, I out and out call him a Biz DudeBro and the overtone of the first edition of the book does have a tone of minimizing the abilities of women in the office. Given what we were talking about I wanted to avoid going on a lengthy rant about DA again, because I have in previous episodes, and frankly I didn’t want to waste any more of the RSVP time on my rant. If you really want to read my ranting about DA you can search the RSVP FB group to get that flavor. That said I like the GTD method and have used it in the past. Best, Less

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