50: Phosphorescent Glow

50: Phosphorescent Glow


On this episode, we discuss new offerings from Baron Fig, Blackwing, and Field Notes. Then we dive deep into journaling.








Show links:

Johnny’s Article on the Write Notepad’s Blog

Dade’s Blackwing 811 Review

Trade Coffee (follow this link and get 50% off your first coffee)

Baron Fig Grow

Quickstarter Pencil Caps

Make Mead like a Viking

Speed Brewing

Buffering- Interview

Wander Baron Fig

YouTube Channel re: Solo Tabletop RPGing

History of Final Fantasy VII


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3 thoughts on “50: Phosphorescent Glow”

  1. Just listened to this episode. Enjoyed it all–found the discussion of the commodfying of journaling and the perfectionism triggered by social media posts of folks’ journals very freeing. I just bought the BW volume 811 bc I’m a former library manager, so even though I’m not into pencils, I kind of had to. Glad to know it’s softer lead than some. As a lefty, I don’t see myself doing much w pencils ever.

  2. Please, tell me, what kind of pencils are on your photo? I like their flat shape. Can’t find this type of pencil at pencils reviews Similar to Palomino Blackwing or what…

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