76 Pa Pa Pa Page Sheets about Composition Notebooks

76 Pa Pa Pa Page Sheets about Composition Notebooks

In this episode we go deep on composition notebooks. what makes a good one, what do we look for in a comp book, textured spine tapes, why plastic covers are awful, and so much more.

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4 thoughts on “76 Pa Pa Pa Page Sheets about Composition Notebooks”

  1. Is there a way to re-purpose the composition notebooks with the plastic covers. They’re completely unwieldy. I was thinking of replacing the cover, or gluing some chipboard to the cover to make it sturdy. But I can’t think of anything to attach the chipboard to the plastic cover. I think glue won’t stick to it.

    It’s a bummer because the paper inside is very nice, but I don’t like to use it because it is so floppy.

    1. I can’t really think of a way to do that. Maybe E6000 would hold some chipboard to the plastic, but I’d test it first since sometimes E6000 will melt or deform some plastics. Contact cement might work too. A nice cover might work. There are loads of nice fabric covers on etsy. I’d message a seller and ask how they handle floppy covers and explain that you want a nice stiff cover.

  2. Great info on comp books. I’m a fanatic on them also. I’ve had great success with the Caliber books from CVS as far as ink acceptance. One book I don’t hear about much and which are really hard to find but at Walgreens periodically is an oversized Mead with durable flexible color that’s 10.5×8. It’s other attributes are not your favorites though it has what they call a durable flexible color but it seems plastic and I don’t think the pages are stitched in. They come in many colors again amazingly hard to find. They’re also high priced $3.99 buy when school starts they go on sale at times. I’ve accumulated them in the 7 or 8 colors they come in. I’ve found Unison at many stores which are good for FP ink. The last one was the Comp Kickstarter which I seem to be in the minority of liking them a lot. I bought enough to keep me going. I have this involvement in all types of books and pads from like anybody out there whether Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Write, Levenger Freekeaf, etc. Thanks again.

    1. If it’s glued I don’t think of it as a composition notebook, just a regular notebook. 🙂 The Comp kickstarter books are multi signature which I see as a homage to a true composition notebook not a real one. They are VERY pretty though.] Unison seem to only be available in my area around BTSS at Target. Iv’e yet to find a CVS near me that carried caliber in college ruling. I’ll keep an eye out for them. I’ve heard many good things about them.

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