Episode 8: I Literally Talk for a Living

Episode 8: I Literally Talk for a Living

Tonight we’re talking about sharpeners.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 8: I Literally Talk for a Living”

  1. Enjoyed listening to this episode!

    The audio on Less’ end was a little distorted and fuzzy, albeit still comprehensible, but I’m sure you guys are aware of it.

    I think I mentioned in a previous comment that the main sharpener I use is the Bullet, and I also use a Masterpiece on occasion.

    I collected knives before I got into pens and pencils, so I enjoyed the knife sharpening segment — I concur about seeing a knife as a tool rather than a weapon. I actually haven’t tried too much pencil sharpening with a knife, but I may dedicate a knife just for sharpening — I have an Opinel, which I know is popular for pencil sharpening, so that may be the knife for me to start practicing with.

    Once again, really liked the episode.

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