Episode 17.5: An Interview with Joey Cofone of Baron Fig aka Lenore is Going to be SO Jealous

This week we pester Joey Cofone of Baron Fig with questions. We go really deep on the Kickstarter “bag thing” and explore customer service issues and as a bunch of questions about existing products. Joey gives a great interview.

A quick note about the audio in this episode. I used a new widget to record the Skype call and it added a lot of reverb on both Dee and Joey. Luckily Dee and I recorded ourselves in separate tracks. I was able to clean up Joey’s to the point where you can listen to it. But there is  a small amount of echo and reverb left that I just couldn’t get rid of. The interview was so good I didn’t want to take a chance that we’d lose the spontaneous feel. I do hope you will enjoy it. -Less



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