Episode 24: Attractive forces

Episode 24: Attractive forces

Tonight we’re nerding out on the science of graphite (one of Lenore’s favorite allotropes of any element). Also, it’s Pi Day! (You’d think Lenore would have found a way to work that in.)

Show Notes:

One other note (from Lenore): we had a somewhat lengthy discussion in taping in which I recalled that Picasso’s Blue Period was thought to have been related to his cataracts. After recording, I looked this up and it turned out it was actually Monet, not Picasso, and I had a couple of other comments in the discussion as well that weren’t quite right (I was recalling things as they came up in conversation, but hadn’t directly researched them ahead of time). I didn’t want to put stuff out there in the podcast that was incorrect, so I cut those sections, but the science turned out to be really interesting, so I dropped the last two links above into the show notes. I’d love to revisit some of these ideas in a later installment!


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