Episode 33: Do They Even Contribute?

Episode 33: Do They Even Contribute?

33 We’re talking about project planning with our analog tools.
I really wanted to discuss how we use our analog tools to plan out a project- things like this podcast, things around the house, writing, etc. You see, I have this issue, with the exception of my work and book bibles, anytime I create a notebook for planning a specific project my mind just shuts down. With a book or work- it’s easy I know that I’m gathering information for that thing but when it comes to other projects my mind goes blank. I have this idea for another podcast, and I’ve been noodling out ideas and writing them down in my regular EDC pocket notebook. I thought it was time to create a “New Podcast” book, as soon as I set it up and opened it to a blank page- all my ideas went poof. Gone. I put away the notebook (Baron Fig Computerworld Data Valley BTW) and opened up my EDC pocket notebook and boom back again.
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5 thoughts on “Episode 33: Do They Even Contribute?”

  1. Try the 1857 podcast, again two guys talking about pencils, notebooks and other things happening in their lives in Ireland and Cyprus ( moved from the UK recently) …

  2. I hope you found the time to listen to “1857” podcast which was about making one’s own “working space” … Being creators and artists how have you approached this question?

    1. I listen to all the episodes of 1857 as they come out. I think this is something we can talk about in an upcoming episode.

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