46: Wallet Wagging?

46: Wallet Wagging?
three wallets
This picture doesn’t entirely capture the sadness of the bottom two items.

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5 thoughts on “46: Wallet Wagging?”

  1. Hi all!

    If your “grab and go” can fit into 2 or 3 cards (uni id, bus card, everyday debit card), I’d recommend a phone case with cards on the left side of a case. You’re likely to grab your phone to have coffee anyway, right? I have it and a “lady wallet” for everything else that I lug around in my “lady bad” 🙂


    1. I’ve been thinking about this but I didn’t want to make my phone any bigger than it already is, with an Otterbox case on it. (I drop my phone all the time–best $15 I ever spent!) But now that our Univ. has gone to a system for the copy machines/printers that’s going to make me have to carry my faculty ID around anytime I want to print for my classes, it may well be time. Recommendations?

      1. My wife uses one of these wallet style cases, her’s holds 4 or 5 cards plus cash in it and does a good job of protecting the phone. The other option is one of those stick on pocket things that are made of silicone- you can still use your otterbox, just slap one of those stick on things and you can slide 3 to 5 cards into it.

  2. I’m a big fan of the Allett Wallet that’s made with Sail Cloth. It’s super thin and holds plenty of cards and makes front pocket carry so much easier. They’re online here https://www.all-ett.com/ I used to have a thick leather wallet that kind of jacked up my back when carried in a rear pocket.

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