Episode 0: Introductions

Episode 0: Introductions

Welcome to our very first episode of RSVP!  This week, you get to know us three lovely hosts Dee, Less, and Lenore and hear all about our stationery history!  From personalized pencils to school supply shopping in the 1980s, we’ve got you covered!

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13 thoughts on “Episode 0: Introductions”

  1. I use PocketCast to listen to podcasts. I’d love to subscribe. Do you have a podcast URL I can enter as your podcast is not appearing via the search option? Looking forward to future episodes ☺

    1. Not as of yet, many of the podcasting apps require a minimum of 3 eps loaded before they will start to pull podcasts into the app. once iTunes picks it up (in 3 eps) it’ll be pulled by most of the other apps.

  2. Enjoyed this immensely. Dying to know why Less dumped out the Noodler’s ink. I have my suspicions. Maybe it will come up in a future post or podcast.

  3. If you like all-female podcasts, you probably already know about Art Supply Posse. If not, check it out.

    1. We are all well acquainted with ASP! I’ve been listening on and off since day 1!

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