Episode 4: Now It’s Ruined!

Episode 4: Now It's Ruined!

In this episode of RSVP we discuss long form writing. Dee and Less go deep on paper preference, the importance of cheap notebooks to feel free, the worry about ruining nicer journals, as well as tools for writing. We hit on pencils, fountain pens, gel ink, and stray into discussing Buffy.







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One thought on “Episode 4: Now It’s Ruined!”

  1. Finally got around to listening to this and enjoyed this one a lot.

    I do a lot of long-form writing, and so a lot of the content of this episode was relevant to me, and I liked hearing the different perspectives and the thought that goes into long-form writing. My own long form writing: I almost exclusively use fountain pens, and I use either Nanami Seven Seas Writer or Seven Seas Crossfield (old version with reticle style, not the new grid version). I admit I like using really nice notebooks, because I feel life is too short for me to use ones I don’t like or enjoy, and I am also secretly egotistical in my writing and feels my writing deserves something nice, haha! But that’s only what works for me. Whatever tools and notebooks encourages someone to write, those are the best tools and notebooks to use. I just find those are the best tools for me in writing long-form (I use other notebooks and tools for other forms of writing).

    Really loved hearing how much thought and care goes into all your writing. Looking forward to new episodes!

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