Episode 5: Less is a Dirtbag

Episode 5: Less is a Dirtbag

In episode 5 we’re talking about Practical or Daily Carry.

Update: I learned that the P8126 and the P8127 are the same refill! So yay! you can use either.







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6 thoughts on “Episode 5: Less is a Dirtbag”

  1. Loving the podcast
    Missed hearing the names of pencil sharpeners being carried and would love to hear a discussion about best and favourite pencil sharpeners

  2. Good episode! Before I got into pens and pencils, I was part of the pocket knife community which was big on everyday carry, so to me it’s interesting to see how the philosophy of everyday carry is applied and utilized in the different communities, as well as some of the overlap.

    I have a question on the Pollux: I use pencils primarily for drawing, although lately I have been using pencil in my pocket notebooks as well. I have a Masterpiece and a Bullet sharpener, although I use the Bullet sharpener quite a bit more due to the convenience of it. Does a concave point by the Pollux have advantages in terms of things like point retention over a long point by the Masterpiece? Thanks!

    1. As an art person, I probably wouldn’t use the pollux over the masterpiece for drawing purposes. Point retention is marginally longer with the Pollux over the masterpiece, but not so much that it is a must have. The big difference is that it is 1 hole and thus faster to sharpen with. The pollux also eats some pencils for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Masterpiece tends to be better behaved and sharpens everything with ease.

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