Episode 6: It Smells Like Rotten Cabbage

Episode 6: It Smells Like Rotten Cabbage

In this week’s episode, we discuss which erasers are our favorites and how they perform!

Show Links:

Koh-i-Noor Thermoplastic



CW Pencils Marking Pencil

Tombow Dual Brush Marker/Pens

Koh-i-Noor Magic 

Sakura Foam 

Faber-Castell Art Eraser 

Tombow Mono Zero 

Mitsubishi Super Eraser Medium 

BIC wite out 

BIC Wite Out Pen 



2 thoughts on “Episode 6: It Smells Like Rotten Cabbage”

  1. Love the show, it’s quickly becoming my favourite stationary podcast, BUT, the audio levels, OMG. This last episode was so low, I had to turn up my phone to MAX to hear you, then when my phone rang I almost had a heart attack. Other than the ringing in my ears, great podcast, keep up the great work.

    1. Hey Brad, we put out a new version with increased audio levels so it shouldn’t be so quiet. We’re working on getting things a little more even for the future. We’re a work in progress thanks for sticking with us and being understanding.

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