Episode 9: Three Shots of Espresso Isn’t a Lot Actually…

Episode 9: Three Shots of Espresso Isn't a Lot Actually...










Welcome to RSVP episode 9. Less is away this week, but Lenore and Dee discuss all things highlighters.

Show Notes

Zebra H-301

Stabilo Boss

Beetle Tip

Caran d’Ache


Zebra Midliner

Sharpie Gel



Neon Filler Paper


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2 thoughts on “Episode 9: Three Shots of Espresso Isn’t a Lot Actually…”

  1. Teachers started back at my school today, and I got to take a look at a little experiment I ran over the summer. Ever since this episode, I’ve been eager to find out the results.
    Last June, someone lost a cap to one of my highlighters. GRRRRR. I hate the waste when caps go missing from highlighters, markers, glue sticks, anything. Well, I set the thing point up in a can in case the cap turned up. Every day I’d see the highlighter, check it’s output (still juicy) and then look in vain for the cap. By the time I had to pack up my room for the summer, the highlighter was still writing but the cap was gone gone gone. So I let it sit in the can over the summer.
    And today? Drumroll, please… When I put it to paper, it still wrote. What?! I’ll have to do a photo sample for you, but I thought I should share. The highlighter is an Avery “Desk-Style Hi-Liter” in neon yellow.
    Looks like this: https://content.etilize.com/images/900/11959159.jpg
    Thanks for the great company on my drives home in stupid traffic. I don’t even care — I’ve got you in the car with me. Keep up the good work!

  2. I get teased about being an enabler! You two are awful!

    The pastel Stabilo Boss set are down to $10 on Amazon now. Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LXOQ1KJ?pd_rd_i=B01LXOQ1KJ&psc=1&pd_rd_w=0aJtX&pd_rd_wg=RuSiz&pd_rd_r=a34551a7-b5b0-11e7-95af-b3cc06eb6989&ref_=pd_luc_rh_bxgy_02_01_t_img_lh

    Damn, I bought a lot of highlighters after listening to the two of you. And don’t think I didn’t have a crap ton to being with. You didn’t mention my personal guilty pleasure though, the Zebra Kirarich Glitter Highlighters. https://www.jetpens.com/Zebra-Kirarich-Glitter-Highlighter-5-Color-Set/pd/14295 They are so ridiculous but they make the worst kind of note-taking more enjoyable. And speak to my inner middle schooler.

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